Residential Home Living Room with Window Tint

Decorative Window Films

Decorative window films offer subtle and stylish solutions for any privacy or glass glazing application. As an attractive, convenient, and affordable alternative to etched glass, decorative films can reduce glare and increase privacy on any flat glass application (they're also great for branding!). The scratch-resistant coating ensures long-lasting beauty and easy maintenance. Any smooth glass surface can be transformed. You can provide us with your own idea, or we can help get creative with you!

Enchance your office space with decorative window films

We're Flexible on Design

Sun Protection opens unlimited design possibilities for your glass project, allowing you to bring vibrant color, visual effects, textured feel, logos and graphic patterns to nearly any glass or smooth surface. We offer no shortage of customization and we often work closely with your architect or interior designers. Decorative films are available in a range of patterns, colors and finishes, including:

  • Squares, dots, stripes, and custom logos
  • Red, yellow, green, blue, bronze, white, black, silver, frost, pink, aqua and almost any color on the pantone chart
  • Matte, translucent, opaque and textured glass finishes

It's Cost Effective

The traditional method of acid etched patterned glass is an expensive option. It is time-consuming and costly to install, difficult to maintain, and virtually impossible to alter. By contrast, decorative films offer the same look at a fraction of the cost, but can be easily changed when a new look is desired or required (and they can be easily maintained with conventional glass cleaner).

Simply looking for some Enhanced Privacy?

Frosted film allows light in while reducing visual intrusion, making it an excellent choice for office spaces, meeting rooms, restaurant interiors, and business storefronts. Privacy film eliminates the need for blinds – maintaining the original and natural aesthetics of your business.

Our Decorative Films Reduce Glare

By reducing glare, decorative and privacy films can alleviate eye strain and improve conditions for the employees in your office and building tenants.

Your Colored Glass Options Are Nearly Endless …

We've done a variety of decorative film work

For Residential

  • Entrance side lights
  • Decorative privacy glazing
  • Dining room, coffee table & counter top customization
  • Splash backs, wall units, cabinet windows
  • Closet door glass
  • Lighting control & diffusers
  • Bedroom, bathroom, powder room windows & custom shower doors
  • Kitchen & Laundry windows
  • Office, library & dining room partitions & windows
  • French doors

For Commercial

  • Filing cabinet room windows
  • Desk and counter top glass
  • Privacy light partitions
  • Office lighting diffusers
  • Office cabinet glass doors and shelves

You can design your own film online!

We recommend using this awesome tool to create your own design.