Residential Home Living Room with Window Tint

Window Film for Projecting Images, Smart Films & Switchable films

Our window films are installed to glass, so that when images from a rear projector are shown on the window film, passers-by can view even when the shop or office is closed. Touch screen film professionally placed over the window film, allows customers to touch the screen and find information or place orders, even when the store is closed. We strongly recommend that window films and touch screens be professionally installed, especially as thin wires on the back of the touch screens can easily be damaged, and would thus incur additional cost in you having to buy a replacement screen. Smart Film is different from traditional privacy glasses which need longer delivery lead time, higher installation cost, higher transportation cost due to glass weight, and disassemble existing glass at sites.

Solar / Sun Shades

Our premier custom roll up shades provide the ultimate sun control for windows, patios, and more! These window shades come with a coordinated valance and have a continuous loop chain with a clutch control to keep the shade at the exact height you want.

Sun shades might just be the ideal window product (and solution) for reducing heat from entering your building (or business). Window shades can block up to 80% of the sun's harmful UV rays, yet still allow air to flow freely through. This breathable fabric dramatically reduces the temperature immediately behind the window shade, yet still allows just the right amount of sunlight to pass through to ensure you can always see what's happening outside. Choose from a variety of shade fabrics that suit today's relaxed, elegant, and casual lifestyles. From high-tech mesh to rich, watermarked woven fabric — there's a look that will appeal to your sense of style and fun.

Corporate Branding, Signage, Window Logos and Decals

Photo of corporate window film project We've been providing Government, Healthcare and Corporate Business with A.D.A. compliant, Identification, Informational and Directional, and Interior Signage since 1989! Whether you need a window sign for your business, a plaque, directory, or just a new creative vibe in your office space, Sun Protection has you covered!

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