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Example of the screen privacy a Casper Window Cloaking Film provies

Sun Protection is now a verified installer for Casper Cloaking Film

Casper Cloaking Films providing businesses and conference centers with a new level of digital screen privacy. Check out the write-up over at or read the technical specs for more information.

Residential Windows

Adding window film to your house will filter out harmful UV rays, helping protect you and your property. It can also do wonders for your lowering your electric bill … Get your window tint today! Pricing as low as $79 / window Get a House Quote or Read more

Commercial Windows

Tinting glass windows & doors on your property allow heat to easily enter in the summer and escape in the winter when you need it the most. Window tint can reverse this effect and save thousands of dollars in energy costs for you and your business. Ask us for proof. We'll show you some energy bills.
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Car Window Tinting

Tinting your car windows isn't just about improving appearance. Our automotive window tints are engineered provide the performance you demand, provide privacy, and protect your investment. We offer same day service for all cars. Pricing as low as $225 / car Get a Car Quote or Read More

Decorative & Logo Film

Decorative window film can reduce glare and increase window privacy on any glass application. Our scratch-resistant coating ensures long-lasting beauty and easy maintenance. There's no company logo, or decal, window design that we can't install.
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We've been in the window tinting and window film business since 1989 (that's 29 years). Our owner is an accredited solar control specialist. We're members of the BBB, HOA, AIA and IWFA. Nothing matters more to us than our customers, or the quality of our window films and installation. We figure out what perfect means to you, and we find a way to beat it. In the past 29 years, we've added window tint and decorative film to commercial storefronts (and interiors) like Google, Sony, Best Buy, Wake County Public Schools, and the Raleigh, Cary police departments! — We can only hope you're next. Think you might be interested? Don't let your window/glass project wait any longer GIVE US A CALL919-380-8994.

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