Temperature Control Window Film

Although we can’t control the weather, you can control the temperature of your home with solar control window film.

Too Hot to Handle

On scorching summer days, the heat can be unbearable outside. However, for homes and buildings with lots of glass, temperatures can quickly heat up inside as well. Although glass windows and doors provide views of the outside world, they don’t do much to keep the sun — and the heat that comes with it— out. Excessive heat transfer can make sunny rooms feel hot and stuffy, which isn’t what you want in a crowded conference room or even sitting at home on your couch. Not to mention, HVAC systems have to work extra hard on those sweltering days to maintain a comfortable temperature. Not only does it often fail, but it also causes utility bills to skyrocket and wastes precious energy.

Stay Cool Even on the Hottest Days with Solar Control Window Film

Sun Protection LLC offers temperature control window film so you can stay cool even in the dead of summer. With sun-blocking technology, solar control window film works to both reflect and absorb heat to keep temperatures cooler indoors. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that solar heat alone is responsible for about one-third of a building’s cooling bill. Our window film rejects up to 78% of the sun’s energy during those hot summer months to help save energy and lower costs. Certain varieties of sun control film will also help insulate windows to help with heat retention in the winter.

Benefits Beyond Heat Control

Although temperature control window film works to control heat, there are many other added benefits:

  • Improves Occupant Comfort
  • Blocks Up to 99% of UV Rays
  • Lessens Strain on HVAC Systems
  • Reduces Glare & Eye Strain
  • Saves Energy & Lowers Utility Bills
  • Offers a Quick Return on Investment

Improve Comfort Year-Round. Request a Free Quote for Temperature Control Window Film.

With solar control window film, you can experience improved comfort all year long and lower utility bills, all while maintaining natural light and views of the outside world. Fill out the form or call (919) 380-8994 to speak with a window film expert and receive a free quote for your home or business.

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